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Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros offers pest control services for your property in Sterling Heights. Do you need pest control? Pick up the phone and call (586) 250-2070 to speak with a pest control specialist now. Our exterminators are trained and licensed, ready to service your property to remove insects and bug infestations. Are you experiencing a problem with ants, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, june bugs, beetles, or any other local insect? We have the services for you.

Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros

Everyone would love to live in their Sterling Heights homes without any interruptions from pests. But this is not always possible because pests love to invade our homes, making them their nesting and breeding grounds. If you happen to find yourself dealing with an ant, bed bug and mice infestation and have tried a number of DIY pest control methods to no avail, give our pest control service a try. Our exterminator is ready and eager to make your home a pest-free zone.

Pest Control

Sterling Heights Pest Control is a company that specializes in liberating homes that have been hit with an epidemic of dirty and disease-ridden pests. Our pest control service is highly professional and extremely dedicated to ensuring that your unwanted guests don’t stay long enough to cause trouble. Just call  (586) 250-2070 and speak to our pest control consultant in Sterling Heights. We will send someone over right away to examine your situation and come up with an affordable solution that suits your needs.

Our Services Are:

Pest Control service in Sterling

Ant Control

Ants can get in anywhere, and they’ll get everywhere. The problem with getting rid of them is that you can’t just spray all the cracks on the inside of the house. You might keep them away for a while, but they’ll back. You know why?

There’s a whole nest outside your home somewhere, with a queen breeding more invaders, waiting to release more into your home!

Our experienced staff will put ant control to work. They’re trained to pick up where bug spray leaves off. They will get to the source of the “ant supply” and eliminate them from the picture.

Mice Control

As small as they are, mice can create a big problem. One mouse is problem enough. But if you don’t deal with it right away, they’ll draw more mice in the house and cause a load of damage

But the potential for damage doesn’t just include your home. Mice can bring viruses and other harmful germs into your home, which can bring illnesses to you and your loved ones.

For any kind of mouse problem, you don’t want to tackle it yourself. Talk to us. We’ve got extensive experience with mice control. We’ll fix things so that, as far as mice are concerned, it’s a case of “Access Denied.”

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs may bite, but they do more than that. They carry a certain parasite that can cause Chagas disease, an ailment that can cause heart disease, among other things, all of which can be deadly.

We take bed bug control seriously, and our staff will leave no stone unturned to see if your home has been invaded by the bed bug.

Cockroach Removal

It’s hard to imagine anything more disgusting than cockroaches. They crawl on everything, and if they could get away with it – everyone. Worse yet, they grow in numbers faster than rabbits, and they multiply quickly and can also bring harmful bacteria with one aim: to make you and everyone in the house sick.

Don’t try to fix this yourself. This calls for cockroach removal experts. We can do far more than any pest control product you can buy anywhere. Better yet, we’ll get results – Bub-bye, cockroaches!

Exterminator Services

Once we have agreed to move forward, our exterminator will step in and get rid of vermin using a variety of methods, such as bait and traps, pesticides and chemical solutions. When we reach this stage, the pests don’t stand a chance.

But don’t just call us when you need pest control. We can also come in and make sure that pests stay away from your home by employing a few preventative measures. This includes sealing off possible entry points, getting rid of food sources and disrupting all breeding and nesting grounds.

When it comes to getting rid of pests, no one does it better than Sterling Heights Pest Control.

Our exterminator services are extremely effective and their popularity has grown tremendously through word of mouth in the Naperville area. We have glowing customer testimonies and many people are being referred to our services by satisfied customers when they need a reliable pest control service. Some of the benefits of our pest control service include:

  • No disruption to your health and life
  • Use of pesticides that are safe for children, pets and the environment
  • Chemical-free and non-toxic solutions
  • A team of fully certified professional exterminators
  • Insurance

Ants, Bed Bugs, Mice

Are you having trouble with ants, bed bugs and mice? Sterling Heights Pest Control has the best reputation when it comes to making these troubles a thing of the past. Let us help you with our pest control service by dialing 630-216-4440. Our pest control consultant will be more than delighted to speak with you about your situation.

Ants, Bed Bugs, Mice

These are some of the most common pests that homeowners have to contend with almost on a daily basis. They are persistent and if left to thrive in your home, can cause a lot of damage.

Quick action is required when dealing with these pests to protect your home and family. Professional pest control service can help you eradicate and keep your home free of these pests.

Contact us to find out how our pest control company can help with pest removal of bedbugs, ants and mice from your home


Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros – Reliable Pest Control in Sterling Heights

Serving the Sterling Heights and Aurora Illinois areas, we at Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros are ready to help you with your pest control needs. Give us a call at your first opportunity at (586) 250-2070!

Reliable Pest Control

What does the word “reliable” mean to you? When it comes to hiring a pest control company, you might think of an exterminator that gives you a reasonable quote, is prompt on getting to the job, and most of all, gets results!

That’s what makes a pest control company reliable.

Tailored To Your Specific Situation

In our experience with pest control, no situation is the same, including yours. All the same, dealing with pests is something you shouldn’t put off for any amount of time, if you can help it.

With us, it’s about “assess and address.” Give us a call today so we can assess your specific situation and work on a plan to address it.

Advantages to Hiring A Pest Control Pros

  1. A pest control company not only helps you get rid of the critters; they can give you tips to keep them from coming back.
  2. Keep Value In Your Home. You may want to sell your home one day. Pest infestation will do damage to your home – and your home’s value.
  3. Your Protection. Even household pest control products contain chemicals that, if mishandled, can make you sick or even kill you. Let pest control experts deal with your problem.

Five Most Common Pest Control Methods

  1. Preventative Pest Control. Blocking any openings and keeping your home clean can go a long way in your pest control efforts.
  2. Pest Baiting. Pests are lured into a trap where they consume poisonous bait, and they’re history.
  3. Pest Mating. Insects or even rodents are food for some pets, and make great weapons to trap them too!
  4. Chemicals are often used, but only when absolutely necessary. They can be dangerous, and it’s recommended they be handled by trained experts.
  5. Pest Traps. These come in all types and sizes, effective for both bugs and animals.

Don’t take pest control for granted. Store-bought products might bring you some relief for a lower upfront price, but it won’t last. Your pest problem will be back, and sometimes it’s worse than the last one.

But hiring an exterminator will bring longer lasting results, whether it’s ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents like rats, mice or moles.

Great! So how do you find one? Take a look at the following five (5) tips to help you hire a pest control company.

Five Tips To Hiring A Pest Control Pros

  1. Are they insured? – It might be tempting to hire a cheaper exterminator that isn’t insured – big mistake! What if there’s damage to your home in the course of the eradication? Who’s going to pay for that? If they’re not insured, you will!
  2. Trained Pros? – Some companies try to pass themselves off as professionals, but their staff isn’t properly trained or licensed. Don’t overlook this.
  3. Environment-friendly? Are they going to insist on using chemicals? If so, make sure they will give consideration to the safety of your immediate, surrounding environment – you and your family.
  4. Online Ratings. Look up your prospective pest control company on Google. Read the reviews. Those reviews could show an accurate picture of how they’re doing, and whether or not you want to hire them.
  5. Reputation – A company’s reviews or even social media should clearly review their reputation, whether good or bad. If you see more positive than negative, you might have a winner. If it’s the other way around, stay clear.

We hope these tips as well as the rest of our home page will help you decide to let us be your pest control choice. If you’re ready to make that move, call us today for a free consultation at  (586) 250-2070.