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Ant Control – Ant Exterminator

When small ants infest your home in Sterling Heights , you need some ant control. These little insects are cunning and resilient and can cause all sorts of interruptions in your house, from getting into your food to causing itchiness when they climb all over you. One thing is clear at this point: they have to go. Our ant exterminators at Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros can get rid of them at an affordable price.

Ant Control

With our professional solutions, we will inspect your home and find all the nesting grounds of these small ants and use ant powder for effective ant control. Once we are done with your property, you won’t see a single ant on site and you can no longer worry that they will climb on you and cause itchiness.

Ant control service in Sterling Heights


Itchiness is not the only problem that should drive you to seek ant control from Sterling Heights Pest Control Pros. Since these black ants crawl around in small, dirty spaces, they can easily pick up germs and bacteria and deposit them in your food, posing a health risk. Some ants can even eat the wooden beams that support your home, which can lead to a collapse in that area over time.

Ant Exterminator

Don’t suffer because of an ant infestation. Our expert black ant exterminators can help you take back your home using a variety of environmentally friendly products, such as traps, mats, baits and chemical agents, to disrupt the colony and kill these unwanted tenants so you can get some relief.


No single ant will remain in your home after we are through with them. We take the fight straight to their queen, who must be exterminated as well so she doesn’t recolonize the ant nest, which can make all your ant control efforts futile. Once the queens are eliminated, your small ant problem will be over.

Ant control service in Sterling Heights

Local Exterminator for Ants

We offer our ant control services in Naperville at an affordable price that won’t break your bank. When you have an infestation, only professional ant exterminators can drive them out – forget all those ineffective DIY pest control methods and products. But that doesn’t mean that it has to cost you a lot. Even though we are affordable our services are quick and effective. Once you give us the go-ahead, we get to work immediately.

Give us a call on (586) 250-2070  today and we will come inspect your home and give you a reasonable quote. Get those black ants out of your home with one of the best ant control services in Sterling Heights.